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Mushrush Red Angus is located in the heart of the Kansas Flint Hills near Elmdale.  Scattered from one end Chase County to the other, we utilize about 8,000 acres of native tallgrass prairie.  Currently, there are four generations working and living on the ranch today:    

The main enterprise consists of 750 Registered Red Angus cows split evenly between spring and fall calving herds. About 200 bulls are sold yearly in a spring production sale which is held the 4th Thursday in March and through private treaty sales throughout the year. Our primary target customers are commercial cattle producers. In addition, between 400 and 500 heifers, sourced from commercial customers using Mushrush genetics, are developed, bred and sold every year. 

At Mushrush Red Angus, we know it is always much easier to retain a customer than to find a new one.  We understand that customers who purchase our cattle are putting their trust and confidence in our genetics and we take that very seriously.  For this reason we take extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction and provide a wide array of services including calf or yearling buy back, customer consultation, and satisfaction guarantee. And most importantly, we encourage all of our customers to come to the ranch for a personal visit and ranch tour. We want every experience with Mushrush Red Angus to be a good one.


Commercial cattlemen at heart, we focus on the same maternal traits that make our customers money. 

Our breeding philosophy is based on a program, not individuals.  Phenotypically, we select for moderate framed, easy fleshing individuals with a lot of natural thickness. We have very high expectations of our cows and ask a lot of them.  Our cows calve unassisted in large pastures, raise a calf and maintain their breeding status in the herd all with minimal inputs.  Because of this, we put extra focus on Calving Ease, Maintenance Energy, and Stayability EPD’s without sacrificing the carcass qualities that so many cattlemen need in today’s grid based markets.

We strive to provide our customers with “all the data all the time” because this produces the most accurately described genetics possible.  We diligently record birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, and ultra sound data on every animal we sell.   Additionally, data is collected on all our cows at weaning time including, weight, body condition score and feet and udder evaluation.   Our contemporary groups stay intact until yearling weights are taken in order to accurately describe our yearling weight and ultra sound data.   Most of our EPD’s are now enhanced with Genetic testing.   None of this is easy, but it is all done to give our customers confidence.   We want to make sure that when you invest in Mushrush Red Angus genetics, you know exactly what you are going to get.

Bull Development

Our bull development pens are located in an old, abandoned rock quarry.  This environment shapes our bulls into rugged, athletic and sure footed breeders as they navigate the rough, uneven ground and rocky limestone ledges.  Bone structure and hard feet are absolute necessities to make it in such a tough environment. 

Our pastures

Millions of years ago, Eastern Kansas was an ancient sea.  As time elapsed, sea life died and settled to the ocean floor, creating the limestone layers which make up the Flint Hills.  As the waters receded, a vast prairie took its place, giving us what today is some of the last standing virgin prairie on the continent.  Located in a thin strip of ground that stretches from Oklahoma to Nebraska, the Flint Hills are known as cattle country.  With some of the best grass in the world from May to August (and some of the worst from November to March) it is predominately stocker country.   We raise our cows here though, in large, rough pastures with minimal facilities.   Supplementing protein in the winter is expensive so efficient cows are a must, but the sublime beauty of the Flint Hills can be enjoyed year round.

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