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"Our two-year-old heifer calves were always on the bottom end at weaning, and the past 3-4 years they have gotten better and better until now there are very few on the bottom. We attribute that to Mushrush genetics and being able to have a calving ease bull that can still put weight on." 

Josh, Joel, and JT Rickenbach
Juniper Cattle Co., Oelrichs, SD
"In addition to running a commercial cow herd, I also operate another business. I don’t have time to babysit my cows and I rely heavily on Mushrush genetics for their calving ease and low maintenance requirements. My heifers calve unassisted and my cows receive little to no supplemental feed while remaining in good condition." 

T.K. Ballard
King-Ballard Farms, Charleston,  Arkansas
"We introduced Mushrush Red Angus into our black/black baldie cow herd because we wanted to add hybrid vigor without sacrificing cow size, calving ease, growth, and carcass quality.  Even through the drought they performed really well and we are thrilled with the calves we are getting."

Dr. Travis McCarty
Ashland, Kansas
"For over a decade, Butterfield Trail Ranch in Dona Ana and Luna counties, New Mexico has relied on Mushrush genetics. Initially, our intent was to increase Angus traits in a Beefmaster herd. Under the desert conditions we face, calving ease was a primary issue. With Mushrush low birthweight bulls, we haven’t pulled a calf since 2008. What was unexpected, though, was the relative heat tolerance of the reds over the blacks. In an incident where illegals drained a water storage (we are within sight of the Mexican Border), a group of heifer were cut off from water. Death loss occurred in several of the blacks, but the reds survived.  It made firmer believers out of us! Our crossbred Red Angus herd has become our featured image. We like them and we appreciate greatly the partnership we now share with Joe, Connie, Daniel, and the Mushrush family. They are true cattle people. "

Steve Wilmeth
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