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"If you are looking for low maintenance, high fertility and calving ease genetics, then you need to be in the Flint Hills of Kansas the 4th Thursday in March!" 

T.K. Ballard
King-Ballard Farm Charleston,  Arkansas
"We introduced Mushrush Red Angus into our black/black baldie cow herd because we wanted to add hybrid vigor without sacrificing cow size, calving ease, growth, and carcass quality.  Even through the drought they performed really well and we are thrilled with the calves we are getting."

Dr. Travis McCarty
Ashland, Kansas
"We are located in the short-grass prairies, foothills and mountains of northeast New Mexico.  Our cattle graze through big pastures, frequently under tough conditions and ranging from 6400 feet at our Headquarters up to 10,000 feet altitude in the mountains.    We have used Mushrush bulls for many years and their offspring work very well in our operation, both cows and yearlings. Joe and Connie’s heifer development, breeding and repurchase programs have helped us to restock our cow herd as we work through this current serious drought."

Warren Davis - CS Cattle Company
Cimarron, NM
"We have used Mushrush Red Angus bulls for a number of years now and it has been very exciting to watch the quality of our herd improve by keeping heifers from these bulls as replacements as well as to watch our weaning weights get heavier. Marketing of our calves is never a problem and many of our heifers are now in breeding programs elsewhere."

Mike Darsey
McLean, TX
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