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Mushrush Eneko

Reg#: 4751685 | DOB: 9/11/2021

Brown Top Tier G242
Maternal Grandsire:
Mushrush Impact Z352

Eneko grabbed our attention with his impressive phenotype and cross evaluation EPD profiles. His individual performance backed up the hype. He converted on growsafe intake testing at the top of the calf crop (5.1 lbs. Dry Matter per pound of gain). He exibited an ideal growth curve with ratios of: 86 birth, 112 weaning, 111 yearling, 103 IMF and 118 REA. His dam has average progeny ratios of: 106 weaning, 104 yearling, 102 IMF and 113 REA.

Click the link below to learn how Eneko earned his name.

$Profit 21,589 (top 1.5%) / Ranch 95 (top 4%)

Mushrush Dorado

Reg#: 4413471 | DOB: 9/5/2020

Mushrush Impact Z352
Maternal Grandsire:
5L Defender 560-30Z

Dorado was the choice of Santiago Debernardi of Argentina when he went through not only our bulls, but hundreds of red angus bulls in the spring of 2022. He is now being collected for large South American AI projects as well as domestically. If you know anything at all about Argentine selection criteria, bulls need to have tons of breed character and flawless phenotype. Dorado provides that all in a calving ease package.

$Profit 12274 / Rank 29% $Ranch 75 / Rank 23% %Feeder 67 / Rank 48%

Mushrush Jocko H822

Reg#: 4405521 | DOB: 10/14/2020

Beckton Likable C643 L3
Maternal Grandsire:
Mushrush Impact Z352

Jocko was chosen primarily for the strong maternal line in his pedigree. We have had 100’s of great cows out of Impact over the years, but C531 is in a league of her own. While smaller than most, she consistently raises calves over 60% of her body weight and is quick to breed back. He is in the top 1% of $Ranch which shows those generations of great cows.

$Profit 17105 / Rank 6% $Ranch 121 / Rank 1% $Feeder 70 / Rank 45%

5L Ultra Kool 1077-86H

Reg#: 4298181 | DOB: 2/14/20

5L Got R Done 2145-313F
Maternal Grandsire:
5L The Real Deal 1687-143B

We purchased 86H as the high seller in the 2021 Spring 5L sale. We liked his EPD profile, his productive young dam, and pedigree, but his EXCELLENT foot structure is what sealed the deal on the purchase. Fast forward a few years and his progeny are extremely easy fleshing, high $Ranch, maternal built cattle.

$Profit 3.8 / Rank 4% $Ranch 1.10 / Rank 1% $Feeder 92 / Rank 30%


Reg#: 4689521 | DOB: 02/26/2020

Maternal Grandsire:

We truly believe that Red Angus is a maternal breed and their competitive advantage is to be the best cost savings cow they can be. BUT, we know sometimes a customer’s goal is to let the performance rip and that is why we added red Simmental genetics to serve that market. Hollywood is a 16 CED to 145 YW bull with yield grade improving mass that even the stoutest red angus won’t provide. He is the first calf of the now famous Electra cow and is free of All Aboard B80 genetics.
Semen available via Origen or Allied Genetics

$Profit 19713 / Rank 7% $Ranch 68 / Rank 28% $Feeder / Rank 1%


Reg#: 3795612 | DOB: 09/16/2017

Maternal Grandsire:

The Julian/Lancer combination is a rock solid combination for hard working/ problem free females. Blockchain combines 84S (one of the best b571 sons we have ever used) and a moderate framed, easy fleshing Lancer cow that has a history of producing great calves. He was a standout phenotypically from the start and despite being an easy-going bull has one of the highest libidos of any bulls we have had.

$Profit 12150 / Rank 18% $Ranch 83 / Rank 7% $Feeder 54 / Rank 57%


Reg#: 4067186 | DOB: 09/14/2018

Mushrush Impact Z352
Maternal Grandsire:
Beckton Nebula T398 V3

Icon continues the legacy left by his sire. Impact was built by solid females so when we wanted a herd sire it made sense to use him on one of our favorite females. Y400 was purchased from the Beckton program several years ago and produced a high selling bull in the past (to 5L Red Angus) and countless good daughters. Icon is super high indexing and has a libido that is getting heifers settled early in the season.

$Profit 13717 / Rank 13% $Ranch 85 / Rank 6% $Feeder 73 / Rank 43%