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Docility Scoring

by Christine Mushrush | Published February 20, 2020

While we are constantly evaluating and culling our herd for disposition,  this year for our sale catalog we decided to assign a score to every  bull that will be offered in our March 20, 2020 Production sale.  There is currently no standardized system for gathering docility data, but you can watch the video below to see what technique we used to assign each bull a score. 

To summarize the video, each bull was removed from his herd-mates and put into our 12′ wide sorting alley. As you can see in the video Joe stood at the far end of the alley and stopped the bull and Greg stood at the opposite side, adding slight pressure to see how they reacted.

Observations were recorded from 1 to 5

  1. Very Comfortable (Stands quietly, chews cud)
  2. Comfortable (Walks around)
  3. Slightly Uncomfortable (Walks faster, respiration may be somewhat elevated — not particularly happy but accepting of mild pressure)
  4. Nervous (Bull wants to return to herd-mates – may attempt to run past with little to no pressure applied)
  5.  Very Nervous and/or Aggressive (Puts people on the fence)

It’s important to note that there are no 5’s in our sale offering. There are also no intact bulls on the place with a 5. This type of animal is culled from our herd immediately for the safety of not only our family, but also our customers and their families.

Our goal is to breed genetics that work for you!

Like many of you, we are a family business making our livelihood from our cattle. If our cattle aren’t working for us, our program would cease to exist.

We welcome any other questions you may have and invite you to our Annual Production Sale on March 20th!
  • 200 Red Angus and Sim-Red Angus Bulls
  • 50 Bred Red Angus Fall calving Heifers
  • 30 Open Yearling Red Angus replacement heifers

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