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Do Your Cows Fit Your Ranch?

by Christine Mushrush | Published August 11, 2022

This is one question we are constantly asking, and when we pay attention our cows will give us the answer. Certainly, they tell us with a pregnancy diagnosis each fall, [ more ]

Docility: A necessity trait at Mushrush Ranches

by Christine Mushrush | Published January 29, 2022

As a multi-generational family cow/calf operation, we’ve had a similar life cycle to many of our customers.  Across the decades of our Red Angus seedstock business we’ve gotten older, had [ more ]

Feed Efficiency…Sell more Pounds and Buy less Feed!

by Christine Mushrush | Published January 29, 2022

For years we have been measuring gain without any knowledge of what those gains cost on an individual animal basis.  Cattle feeders have told us for years that feed conversion [ more ]

Calving Interval & Relative Calving Date…the Ranch Profit indicators everyone has, but very few actually use…

by Christine Mushrush | Published January 29, 2022

Even as we select for faster post-weaning gains, Prime carcass quality, heavier carcass weights and more efficient feed conversion, most of us know our bottom line will be no better [ more ]

Same Name – Different Index

by Christine Mushrush | Published January 4, 2021

This fall the Red Angus Association of America replaced, HerdBuilder and GridMaster with three new indices.  Two of the new indices kept the names HerdBuilder and GridMaster, but they will [ more ]

Artificial Insemination (AI)…. Is it something I should or could do?

by Christine Mushrush | Published May 18, 2020

Breeding season is in full swing all over the U.S., including here at Mushrush Ranches.  We just finished artificially inseminating about 500 head of commercial heifers and the [ more ]

Repro Tract Score (RTS) of Virgin Heifers

by Christine Mushrush | Published April 10, 2020

In 2019 we started conducting Repro Tract Scores (RTS) on our virgin yearling heifers (both commercial and registered) as a pre-breeding soundness exam to determine those heifers which are [ more ]

Three Questions to Ask Your Seedstock Producer

by Christine Mushrush | Published February 6, 2020

In November of 2019, Progressive Cattleman ran an article written by Kayln Waters titled “Three questions to ask your Seedstock Producer.”  We thought there was enough value in her questions [ more ]

How do I sell my calves for more money?

by admin_edje | Published January 24, 2020

Using Value added programs to increase your bottom line

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Fall 2019 Mushrush News

by admin_edje | Published January 24, 2020

Value added Edition

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